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Types of marijuana leaves- LeaflyweedNYC

Types of marijuana leaves- LeaflyweedNYC
Types of marijuana leaves- LeaflyweedNYC

There are multiple types of marijuana leaves however these leaves come from only a few main species of leaves which are Sativa, ruderalis, and indica. All these plants are from different families and have different trends. Also, hybrid is also a variety that should get mentioned in these species of plants.

Most people use this type of cannabis to predict the effects of a particular injury. For cultivators, it helps them in understanding the genetics of each plant and helps them to make better decisions about producing the right variety. For hybrids, cultivators focus to increase the extent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive compound of cannabis.

Let's discuss more about these leaves and know more about them to enjoy more while using them and to get relief from problems like stress, anxiety, or chronic pain.

1- Indica

Most people commonly use indica leaves to get more relaxed and to get relief from sleeping problems and anxiety or stress problems. Cannabis indica plants have a high level of CBD which helps to moderate the impact of THC on the body.

Indica is mostly found in sub-tropical regions hence, they are grown in Afghanistan and Pakistan country regions. Their habitat is more like to survive and get more energy from the sunlight. Hence, cultivators prefer to grow these plants as they require less time, less water, and more sunlight for higher profit. They grow flowers faster as compared to any other plant.


Cannabis Sativa plant is the biggest type of weed leaf which has narrow leaves and creates an uplifting and are most suitable for social gatherings and small business deals. They originate mostly in equatorial countries where the extent of sunlight is more reliable throughout the year. Due to this, they look dull than other plants and take a long time to grow flowers.

Sativa marijuana leaves and cannabis plants as compared to indica, have a high level of THC and less CBD. Hence, cultivators prefer to grow them for the reason of high demand as people prefer weed with high THC.

Most people commonly use Sativas to relieve anxiety or depression and to foster an overall sense of well-being.

3. Ruderalis

Ruderalis cannabis leaves are stocky and short plants and grow up to two 2.5 feet in height. Ruderalis plants grow faster than others and produce fewer side branches and small leaves. Cultivators resisting in cold areas can continue growing these plants.

This plant has less CBD and THC than Sativa and Indica. Their demand in the market is less as they are the pure form of weed. Due to its high CBD and THC, these forms of weed leaves are illegal in many countries.

Also, it might not have any utility but itself but ruderalis is often combined with Sativa and Indica plants to create strains which include a popular hybrid called “Northern Lights”.

4. Hybrid

Contemporary, two or more cannabis plant leaves are used to produce a new type of weed. Hence, Hybrid types of cannabis are made from the combination of Sativa and Indica.

So, producers of hybrid cannabis can create a new type of weed using a combination of plants to increase the potency of THC or CBD, the two main psychoactive constituents of cannabis.

Hybrids can be used to treat the indication of a broad range of medical conditions, from restlessness and anxiety to Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and many more.

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